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2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD: is equipped like a GTI in almost every respect. That means a retuned suspension that sits a little over half an inch lower than a standard Golf, along with a variable steering ratio and an electronic limited-slip differential. The GTD also offers a three-mode Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) system that adjusts the dampers to "Comfort," "Normal" and "Sport" modes. Volkswagen says each of three modes has been calibrated specifically for the GTD, noting that even the softest "Comfort" setting is still more aggressive than the standard Golf setup.

Even with that in mind, the GTD isn't exactly pulled taut over its optional 18-inch wheels. Comfort mode is still soft enough to satisfy drivers coming out of a Camry, while even the stiffest "Sport" mode setting is still far from brittle. The changes are noticeable if you fling the GTD around a corner with any conviction, but we suspect that leaving the DCC system off the option sheet won't result in any serious loss of capability or comfort. Source

 2015 Volkswagen GTD
 2015 Volkswagen GTD
Volkswagen Golf GTD 2105 - Photos Credit