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Hyundai H100

Hyundai H100: Hyundai has reworked the nose of the H100 to give it a new look. The headlights are different with a dark charcoal trim surrounding the actual lamp, and the nose panel between die headlights that tilts open to give convenient access to the engine coolant and window washer reservoirs now forms a unit with the rest of the front bodywork. The mirrors with their panoramic rear view are also a useful and meaningful safety enhancement, especially when parking. 

Hyundai H100 3 Hyundai H100 gets fresh appearance, new engineIn the H100 cabin, a redesigned steering wheel that can tilt up and down gives a fresh appearance from the driver’s viewpoint while aircon can be ordered as an optional extra. Up to 1.3 tons of cargo can be loaded an exercise that can be made even easier by dropping one, two or all three of the flat cargo area’s latching side panels while the load bed itself is only 745mm high for more convenient loading and unloading of cargo.

 Hyundai H100 Dashboard
 Hyundai H100 Interior
Hyundai H100