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Hyundai H1

Hyundai H1: were introduced with safety features, comfort and style that is very reasonable, like a prestigious MPV. In the aspect of function, H-1 a large dimension, is able to provide extensive benefits. Especially for large families who need a second vehicle. Unfortunately, performance 2.4-liter gasoline engine is not enough to sustain weight akseleratif around 3 tons. Hyundai H-1 gasoline is composed of two types of Elegance and XG. Elegance type H1 now berbanderol sebelumnyaRp USD 350 million from 378 million on the road in Jakarta.

While previous XG type dibanderol Rp394, 5 million to Rp 370 million now. While the features of the XG type includes single one color, new color choices, from alloy wheels with new design, roof-mounted LCD, global positioning system (GPS), wood grain panels, xenon headlights, front spoiler equipped with rear view camera, din head unit and two new.While that is in the same type as the type of Elegance XG only reduced roof-mounted LCD, GPS, wood grain panels, xenon headlights, and front spolier with rear view camera.

 Hyundai H1 Dashboard
Hyundai H1 Interior
Hyundai H1