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2014 BMW i3

2014 BMW i3: The structure of the body is very light because it is combined with aluminum and carbon fiber and reinforced with plastic. With the module is mounted underneath the hard,obviating the need for the transmission tunnel and allow it to install two seats on the bencheven though there were four occupants are provided at the front and rear providing two loads at 200liter or about 7.06 cubic feet of storage.

At the bottom of i3 cars fitted with the drive system consisting of a battery to supply electric engine, suspension and drivertrain, and also terpdata security systems are shown. By using a rear wheel drive which has acapacity of up to 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque through a gearbox for a single. In saying that the limited top speed of up to 93mil / hour.

2014 BMW i3
 2014 BMW i3 Interior
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