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2013 Shelby GT500

2013 Shelby GT500: While punching out the 5.4-liter aluminum-block V-8 out to 5.8 liters, the GT500’s powertrain crew also updated the heads for better cooling, changed the camshaft profiles, added piston squirters and higher-flow fuel injectors, swapped the old supercharger for a larger and more efficient TVS unit that ups boost from 9 to 15 psi, and fitted a larger intercooler. 

The result is an extra 100 hp and 90 lb-ft compared to the 2012 model. The cooling system was upgraded to dissipate the excess heat, and a carbon-fiber driveshaft, upgraded clutch, strengthened transmission (with revised gearing), and sturdier rear axle were deemed necessary to cope with the extra grunt. To help the driver cope, the GT500 is equipped with an adjustable launch-control function.

 2013 Shelby GT500
 2013 Shelby GT500 Engine
2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500