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2013 Toyota GT 86

2013 Toyota GT 86: 4,240 mm long, 1,775 mm wide, only 1,285 mm high and with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm, the new GT 86 is the world's most compact four-seater sports car. Comprehensive weight saving measures result in a vehicle mass of around 1,200kg. The flat-four format of the front-mounted boxer engine combines with the lowest driver hip-point of any Toyota production vehicle -just 400 mm- to give the GT 86 an ultra-low centre of gravity of only 460 mm.

Both the powertrain and driving position have been set as low and as far back as possible to optimise balance, giving the GT 86 near-perfect, 53:47 weight distribution. The ideal static weight distribution varies according to engine power; a 51:49 front bias suiting vehicles with approximately 150 hp, a similar chassis with 300 hp better suited to a 50:50 distribution.

 2013 Toyota GT 86 Interior Dashboard
 2013 Toyota GT 86 Interior Seats
2013 Toyota GT 86