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2012 Ford Evos Concept

2012 Ford Evos Concept: The two rear seat passengers get an equally special experience, with dedicated touch-screen displays to interact with the vehicle and individually adjustable sports seats. “Both the exterior and interior of the 2012 Ford Evos Concept clearly communicate that this is a driver’s car, so that as soon as people see the vehicle, they will immediately want to get in and drive,” said executive design director Moray Callum.

“The possibilities are fascinating when we explore how to enable a seamless lifestyle between home, office and car linked by access to the driver’s personal information,” Mascarenas said. With information from the cloud, the vehicle can provide the same connected lifestyle the driver experiences at home or office. The new 2012 Ford Evos Concept car knows the driver, and automatically adapts handling, steering and engine controls to deliver an exceptionally dynamic driving experience.

 2012 Ford Evos Concept Interior
 2012 Ford Evos Concept Engine
 2012 Ford Evos Concept