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Mazda RX8

Mazda is basically an Japenes firm founded in 1920 producing auto-mobiles in the market of vihecles. But Mazda was manufacturer of machine tools used in the miltary of Japan through-out the 2nd world war. The first Mazda R360 was inroduced in 1960. And in 2007 it produced 1.3 million vehicles for global sales.
The Mazda RX8 is not a coupe, it is four seater sedan like structure. In there you got a sporty Black and White interior like a man wants. In there you got A/c, Satellite Navigation, electric seats. the best thing about the RX8 is or what people do not know, it might be little bit of surprising for you guys, is that it got only 1.3 Liter engine as in Toyota Corolla`s XLI, it got 1.3 as well. But the astonishing thing that you people going to like is that this is a Wankel Rotary engine,  which allows you to enjoy 228 Horsepower. I was wondering how a 1.3 can give you this much , but now I believe, and soon you guys `ll be begging to blieve in me too. In the racing Mazda has placed its value in the world of racing. This RX8 is remarkably the best sports car i have seen by now, with four seats, 1.3 liter Engine, with 228 BHP, by the usage of Wankel Rotary Engine.