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2010 BMW X3 Spy

Squeezer is a test program in Scandinavia, Bavarian BMW X3 crossover next generation returned to Germany, where he discovered the paparazzi, a few surprised almost complete absence of protective covers.  In general appearance crossover BMW X3 new generation remained the same, but in the exterior of the car still there was a change. SUV got new bumpers front and rear lights, upgraded the fifth door and correct the grille. Visually BMW X3 added in sizes: its wheelbase, the latest data, will reach nearly 3 m.

Interior SUV is likely to be executed on general templates with the BMW X1, so expect major changes in In-should not be. As for the power line car, in addition to her former power plant will include new turbocharged 3-liter gasoline engine, which is equipped with a BWM 535i GT, and 204-hp turbo diesel unit volume of 2 liters. Perhaps, the concern in the coming years to develop a model and a hybrid engine, but at the moment this fact relates more to the field of speculation.

 2010 BMW X3 Spy Front
 2010 BMW X3 Spy Back