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Rinspeed sQuba

Car Name: Rinspeed sQuba
Brand Name: Rinspeed

TopClass View

In 1977 the film The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond came into possession of a car that can dive underwater and be guided as if it were placed on the road. About 30 years after what seemed to be science fiction becomes reality: Frank Rinderknecht, Rinspeed's number one car manufacturer based in Switzerland, has created the sQuba car aubacquea, "the first car that can move like a fish underwater." This vehicle is immersed up to 10 feet deep and moving at a speed of about 4 (quattro!) km / h.

As you can see from the photos below, the passenger cabin is open and it should be guided by wearing masks to breathe compressed air diving. The headlights light sQube has very powerful and the latest technologies to operate a mechanical engine under the water pressure. This is the third vehicle concrete diving after the one invented in 1968, the German Amphibicar Quandt, and the Gibbs Aquada made in 2004 by Gibbs Technologies.

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Under Water View

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