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Nissan Juke The Stylish Mini Crossover

Car Name: Nissan Juke The Stylish Mini Crossover
Brand Name: Nissan

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Nisan launched a new car design is a Nissan Juke mini crossover. This Nissan Juke included in the category of crossover car or mini-SUV car. Nissan Juke mini-crossover is completely different and could be said would create the segment / new class in the automotive world. For now, Nissan Juke does not have direct competitors. In essence, Nissan Juke takes the gap between car and SUV hatchback.

if considered more closely, in fact this car has its own flavor. How not, a fusion of the “Japanese drift king” Nissan 370Z, even the “mini jeep funny” Kia Soul, is in this car. Just look at his design of the rear lights or the roofline straight / firm. Addressed deserve praise for Nissan’s designers as a result of this revolutionary design, Nissan Juke can be said to have no direct kompetitior.

Engine 4-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged 1600cc with 188 hp power capable incised. That is pretty cool Nissan Juke to be invited to run, especially support typical Nissan CVT transmission smart. Transmission is exactly the same as that adopted in the Nissan Maxima, Nissan sedan sportcar pride. The greatness of this CVT transmission is if you play (+/-), manual mode then you’ll feel the torque snapped the truth of this Nissan juke, especially if operated while trying to bulldoze the area of ​​the mountains. Great addition to the performance of the engine and transmission, Nissan Juke also quite fuel efficient. Proven 1:11 to the city, and 1:13 for the toll (manufacturer claim).

Views of modern, roomy cabin, smart transmission … all this is inside Nissan that you can redeem Juke ranging from 180jt’s to the lowest type, which is equipped with features: iPod connection, 6 speakers and Bluetooth. With a price range that can be offered  Nissan juke would be the right choice for college kids. 

Front Side View

Side View

Back Straight View

Front Straight View

Interior View

Rim & Seats View

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