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Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster Concept

Car Name: Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster Concept
Brand Name: Chevrolet

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The bodywork of the car s’ is made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastics, while the turbine wheel-shaped (20 inches front/21-inch rear) are made of aluminum composite carbon fiber. The interior of the cockpit, as is divided into two areas by a high center console and contains a mix of brushed aluminum, natural leather, fabrics and surfaces of liquid metal. The steering wheel and button to initiate a central location, are also inspired by jet aircraft, while the information is displayed on the dashboard, using rear projection. The looks are enhanced by a sweet drivetrain layout performance-oriented, named in mid Chevrolet power.
A gasoline engine mid-mounted 1.5-liter turbo drives the rear wheels and front two electric motors, each offering 15 kW (20 hp), send your juice to the front wheels. The electric motors are powered by a 1.6 kWh battery located on the floor of the car, behind the seats. The 3.99 meters in length Mi-ray systems are also equipped with regenerative braking and start-stop and can run on electric power alone in the city, although Chevrolet didn  ‘t reveal details about the driving range. The Mi-ray  ‘s body is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and carbon fiber (CFRP) with scissor doors and a dual-port grille flanked by headlights with LED daytime running lights.
The car  ‘s front and rear are designed to evoke the look of the past, the Chevrolet Corvette, while the corner spoilers carbon fiber rear designed to help control the downforce and air flow. Among the designers also turned for inspiration to the fighters with a combination of brushed aluminum, leather, fabrics and surfaces of liquid metal. The inner compartment is surrounded by a shell of carbon fiber cab firm that wraps around the driver and passenger and connects banks and headrests, which are assembled into a single aluminum interior design rail.Inside Mi-ray still echo Chevrolet racing heritage. The interior is dominated by a touchscreen that flows into a support center for aluminum, which evokes a game with the nose landing gear down.

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