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BMW M1 Hommage

Car Name: BMW M1 Hommage
Brand Name: BMW

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The BMW M1 Hommage blends a wide, aggressive stance with intentionally retro/modern twists on the key visual elements that defined original BMW Turbo concept.
BMW's stylists also incorporated similar nods the particulars of the original, such as the louvered rear window; the badge placement in back; the line extending aft from the side glass; and even the wheel design, which is an exaggerated take on the ones you'll find on the original road car.

The greatest departure is seen in front, where BMW has given the M1 Hommage a sinister, imposing face. Naturally, BMW's prominent double-kidney grille is front and center. Its joined by outboard intakes and a trapezoidal lower opening designed to swallow and direct air for both cooling purposes and aerodynamic effect. The car's four round headlights lurk behind thin slits in the front fascia, remaining essentially invisible until they're illuminated -- a tip of the cap to the hideaway nature of the classic M1's flip-up lamps.
Alloy wheel choices will begin with standard 18" 5 spoke wheels in two finishes , optional will be 18" competition wheels again in two finishes. BMW shadowline chrome can be extended to the front kidney grilles and rear exhaust ports.

The interior will offer a Motorsport haven by a combination of standard Sports seats in a combination of leather , half-leather full fabric using an M Tri-Color pattern on the central part of the seats and door panels similar in effect to the classic E30 series M3 Evo.

Front Track View

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